Why DFW Exists

In today’s world, you need effective writing skills – especially if you’re in business. You need to know how to write compelling web copy, interesting blog posts, expert articles, engaging ebooks, sales-worthy newsletters… your writing skills are crucial.

In fact, it’s safe to say that without effective writing skills, you could end up stuck in a job you hate, working for someone else for peanuts while you wait for 5 o’clock to come around.

Throughout my career as a professional writer, I’ve seen so many good people’s dreams go down the drain because they lacked these effective writing skills.

Don’t get me wrong: Most of these people were okay writers. Some even thought they were pretty good. And generally speaking, they were right. They could spell properly, knew grammar and punctuation rules and wrote a fair sentence.

But I’ve seen so many writers for hire who couldn’t land work. I’ve seen business owners close their doors and have to get a job to make ends meet. I’ve seen bloggers whose posts fell flat. I’ve seen $20,000 websites full of words that can’t bring in a single sale.

And it hurts.

It hurts because these people are good people – people with talent and smarts and wit and charm. They have good ideas. They offer great products and excellent services. They’re people who deserve to succeed.

They just don’t have the writing skills they need – the kind of skills they don’t teach you in school.

So these people struggle. They don’t know what to write, or which techniques to use, or how to apply those techniques to their words. They feel uncertain and wonder whether their writing is “good enough”. They try… but it’s just not enough.

They produce weak, amateur, ineffective content that just doesn’t work.

That person might be you.

Let me tell you a story.

I’m the owner of a leading website design and copywriting business, Men with Pens. And a few years ago, I needed a new junior copywriter to keep up with demand. I put out the call to thousands of readers, fans, followers and job sites who post opportunities to tens of thousands of hopefuls.

As you can imagine, I got back hundreds of applicants interested in the job.

Of those hundreds, I found exactly three writers worth a closer look.

Of those three, only one made the cut.

Usually, I didn’t have to read beyond the first few sentences. In just a few words, in an email specifically requesting work as a writer, most who applied demonstrated they didn’t have the basic skills to hack it.

This made me sad.

A lot of these people were smart. They were motivated. They were talented and clever and witty and generally sounded like pretty awesome people. And they were clearly willing to take a chance on this opportunity.

But I had to gently reject their applications. I told them they had talent but needed to improve their writing skills.

During that time, I worked with hundreds of clients who came to my business for beautiful web designs. I talked with them, discussed their goals and provided them with a stunning website that responded to their every need. Some paid over $20,000 for breathtaking designs to present their business in the best possible light.

And when I asked these clients about website copy, they’d shrug. “We’ll write it ourselves, I guess.” They’d invested all their money on the design and hadn’t even considered the copy they’d need. Besides, how hard could it be?

I watched those beautiful sites get filled with bad copy. Really bad web copy. The kind that took all the wind out of the website’s sails – and the company’s sales, too.

There’s more. Every week I received requests from hopeful guest posters who wanted their work featured on my Top Ten blog. But the submissions were so badly written that I spent more time rejecting them than I did accepting them.

Over 90% of the guest posts I receive today don’t make it to my blog.

I’ve seen it all. Emails from smart entrepreneurs falling flat. Sales pages that won’t convert. Blog posts that are boring. Pitches that go all wrong.

All because these people lack effective writing skills.

And by effective, I mean writing in a way that gets business results.

Many people wrote to me. “How?” they asked. “How can I improve my writing? What books do you recommend? Is there a course I can take? Who can teach me these skills?”

And my answer was a very honest, “I don’t know.”

I didn’t know of any courses that would help. I didn’t know of any books. There were (and still are) plenty of resources for fiction writers and tons for sales copy, but none – not one – for business owners who need to write effective content so they succeed.

In my own career path, I’ve wasted a lot of time and money reviewing books, blogs, courses and products that made big promises but that were empty and hollow or that didn’t give me anything in the way of practical how-tos. Some were boring.

Some were just bad.

One day, I decided enough was enough. If no one out there would teach these good people what they needed to know, then I would. And I was determined to provide these people with a course that made a difference in their lives – a real difference.

So I built a writing course for business owners. This course had to work for a wide range of people: bloggers, CEOs, retail store owners, crafters working in their garage, consultants, speakers, entrepreneurs… people who needed effective writing skills so they could earn clients, sales and money.

People like you.

Helping you succeed matters to me. I hate seeing people fail – especially when I know it doesn’t have to be that way. Hearing, “This made a difference in my life,” gets me leaping out of bed every single morning.

I care.

I spent an entire year of my time and invested tens of thousands of dollars to plan, create, and build this course. I woke up every single morning to put in hours of writing, refining, brainstorming, editing, tearing my hair out, and begging for another cup of coffee.

That’s how committed I am to your success.

Hundreds of students later, the result is in: It’s the online writing course you’ve been waiting for… the one that could completely change your business.

It could even change your life.