Damn Fine Ebooks: The Ebook-Writing Course You’ve Been Waiting For

The rumors are true: Ebooks equal power.

All the pros tell you this. They say if you write a compelling ebook, you’ll juice up your sales. They say if you write expert advice, you’ll instantly create credibility. They say if you write an engaging ebook, you’ll bring in new customers. You’ll succeed.

And that’s true.

A single ebook can take your business to the next level, where you’ll enjoy new respect, more attention and fresh income – fast. Just one ebook can generate thousands of dollars in business profits, brought to you from brand-new clients, satisfied customers and an engaged audience that hangs on your every word.

You need an ebook, the pros say. Write one.

No one tells you how.

How do you write ebook content that turns your free download into a must-have incentive? How do you write an ebook that makes you look smart, savvy and credible to potential clients? How do you write an ebook that makes people’s eyes light up as they reach for their wallets?

After all, you don’t consider yourself a writer. You’re a business owner, with services to offer or products to sell. You don’t know the first thing about writing an ebook, let alone one that brings you tangible business results and a better bottom line.

But just imagine what would happen if…

  • You offer your ebook as a free download… and get hired for a $5,000 project by a client who was impressed by your excellent expertise.
  • You give away your ebook as an incentive to sign up for your newsletter…  and increase your audience nearly overnight.
  • Your ebook goes viral and gets shared like wildfire… bringing you attention, respect, and free word-of-mouth marketing – fast.
  • You send your ebook on “how to get the most out of…” to past clients as a gift, and turn them into appreciative, loyal, repeat customers.
  • You sell your ebook and turn it into a money-making product that provides you with long-term income for months – even years!

Ebooks are powerful marketing tools that open double-doors of opportunity.

A single ebook could be your most valuable business asset – ever.

You can definitely hire a writer and delegate the work. But a good ebook writer with proven experience is expensive – and a cheaper writer produces amateur work that costs you valuable money and time… maybe even your reputation.

You might think, “How hard can this be?” and decide to give it a shot. So you mind map, write pages of notes, take voice memos and sit down to put it all together. You figure an entire ebook will flow from your fingers like magic, because you know your stuff. Except you end up struggling just to get a third of the way through… and quit.

The result is crippling self-doubt that freezes up your ability to write anything with confidence, ever again.

Maybe you’re more resourceful. You have a blog. So you grab a bunch of old posts, slap them together, and call that an ebook. It’s not. It’s a bunch of blog posts… and it shows.

The result? Unimpressed readers who feel gypped. And since you’ve burned these readers, they’ll never  buy from you or hire you again.

Maybe you scribble off some fast advice just to get the job done. You fill up pages with fluff and filler no one cares about. (Then you pad the margins to make your ebook look bigger than it really is.)

The result is a waste of readers’ time and money. You’ve created an empty, amateur info-product that damages your business reputation. No one will believe you’re an expert of anything – and they’ll go to the competition instead.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The answer is Damn Fine Ebooks.

Brought to you by Men with Pens’ very own James Chartrand, a professional copywriter, published author, and successful entrepreneur trusted by thousands, Damn Fine Ebooks is a writing course for business owners that teaches you how to write an effective ebook that gets results.

Using specific writing techniques laid out in simple, progressive steps, you’ll learn exactly how to write a practical, powerful and useful ebook your readers will love – in no time at all.

An ebook like that could change your business.

It could even change your life.

Fully supported by my personal coaching the entire way, you’ll learn how to create, craft and write a powerful ebook in less than 8 weeks – one that brings you results you can take home to the bank.

I know what works. I’ve written dozens of ebooks for myself and for satisfied clients throughout my career. These ebooks make money for my clients, bring them new business and open up valuable opportunities to increase their credibility, customer base and bottom line.

Before you know it, your ebook will be doing the same for you.

Even better, it’ll stand out as being one of the best ebooks out there. People are increasingly – and understandably – untrusting these days, and they’re tired of junk. They recognize it instantly and turn away swiftly.

Your ebook will show you’re someone they can trust.

As you work through the course with me, you’ll discover a systematic approach that empowers you to start, write and finish your ebook – once and for all, and in less than 8 weeks. And you’ll be able to use this process over and over, knowing you have the right techniques, knowledge and training to create any ebook your business needs, without wasting any time.

You’ll even learn how to improve your writing across the board – your new writing skills will help you rev up your blog posts, rejuvenate your web copy, and ramp up your newsletters. Better writing skills go a long, long way for your business, and the techniques you learn will help take you there.

In the Damn Fine Ebooks course, you’ll discover how to establish clear goals that aim straight towards tangible results. You’ll learn how to write quality content that makes your message really hit home with readers… and you’ll learn how to avoid creating a fluffed-up piece of junk.

You’ll walk away from this course with valuable techniques, improved writing skills and a powerful ebook that flows. It’ll provide useful, relevant information to readers and impress the pants off anyone who reads it.

That’s magic.

Here’s what else is magic: People will see you in a new light. You’ll garner more credibility and respect. They’ll have clear proof of your expertise. “Published author” carries a lot of weight in the business world. So does “great writer”.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to call yourself that?

I thought so.

What if you knew how to write a short, helpful guide in no time at all? You could offer it to customers as a gift or a bonus, giving them useful info that helps them get the most out of your service or product. It adds value to what you offer and turns casual clients into raving fans that tell all their friends.

What if you knew how to write an info-product that presents you as a reliable expert? Your practical advice earns you respect, appreciation and gratitude. There’s nothing quite like hearing, “I bought your ebook, and it really made a difference in my life. Thank you.”

What if you knew exactly how to craft the information people are looking for, any time you needed to? Every day, people readily pay for information that provides solutions to their problems and sticking points. Solve their problem once, and you’ll become the trusted person they turn to when they need you the most.

Damn Fine Ebooks can help you make that happen.

Here’s what you get in the course:

  • 8 weeks of personalized training and 20 progressive lessons: Packed with easy-to-understand techniques, each lesson gives you clear explanations on the why, what and how to write your ebook.
  • Two months access to a personal accountability program and a dedicated action coach who’ll works with you one-on-one each week to keep you on track, motivated and moving forward.
  • Relevant assignments and fun exercises that give you immediate practice to drive home your new knowledge and make it stick.
  • A systematic, rinse-and-repeat writing process and a versatile skill set that applies to any kind of writing your business might ever need.
  • Ultra-valuable feedback in the members-only area so you can learn through observation and get direct support from me.
  • My eyes on your work in a professional substantive edit, which helps you feel confident it’s the best it can be.
  • Extra daily tips and support throughout the entire course as an added learning perk.

Want to see what you get in each lesson? Just click here to view the course syllabus and a description of each technique you’ll learn.

This course gives you all the resources, instruction, support and knowledge you need to write the best ebook ever – and you’ll be writing it as you learn, in small, manageable chunks.

You’ll also have me by your side, because I believe a true course involves a real teacher who shows up, interacts and supports your learning. That’s why I’m actively present in the members-only area, and I’ll answer your questions, offer suggestions, and share valuable advice.

I’ll even provide you with a full substantive edit, and that means you’ll get my professional skills, personal feedback and darn pretty eyes on your work. (Now how cool is that?)

Before you know it, you’ll be finished. And you’ll feel great.

You’ll walk away from this course with full confidence, new skills, and something real to show: a finished ebook you wrote, one that’s ready to go to work and change your business game.

You’ll also have a stress-free approach and knowledge that lets you write your next ebook just as quickly – and to just as high standards. How quickly? In just an hour’s worth of writing a day. (You can even take weekends off.)

Did that “hour a day” make you groan? Then this course may not be for you.

But if you thought, “An hour a day? With weekends off? That’s not bad – I can manage that,” then you understand that a small time investment could bring you big results. Keep reading.

You’ll need basic writing skills, like punctuation and grammar. Damn Fine Ebooks won’t teach you those, and this course assumes you can string a sentence together.

You need the the desire to improve your writing skills, the willingness to write the content, and the motivation to achieve better business success.

That’s it.

You don’t need to have an outline ready. You don’t need notes or a first draft. You don’t even need confidence in your writing! I’ll help you build that and walk you through every step of writing your ebook as we work together in the course, because I’m committed to your success.

Think about it: 8 weeks of hands-on learning, 20 jam-packed lessons that help you write your ebook, a personal accountability program to stay on track, an action coach devoted to keeping you motivated, and my full support the entire way… all rolled into one.

It’s everything you need to write an ebook that creates positive change for your business – and even your life.

The Best Part: My Personal Feedback

When you join this exceptional ebook-writing course, I’m right there with you.

Not metaphorically. Literally.

I don’t have assistants or staff. I don’t get other people to answer on my behalf – I’m in the course every single day for the entire duration, mentoring you as you learn.

I’ll tell you what I really think of your writing, where I think you need work, and what I believe would improve your business directly.

Not anyone’s business. Yours. I get to know all my students’ ambitions and I can tell you with absolute certainty whether the writing skills you’re developing will serve your business strategy.

And I will. Every day you show up, I show up too. It’s a give and take, and together we’re going to transform your ebook writing skills… and your business.

Feel free to ask me questions and get specific advice on lessons or techniques that are giving you a hard time. I’ll be there for you – just like having your own personal writing coach. Pretty awesome, right?

That personal approach is the big turning point for a lot of my students. It helps keep you accountable, encourages you to actually try out the lessons because you’ll be able to see how your peers are getting real results.

In past courses, the first few lessons brought one of my students 3 new clients. Another landed a $2,000 project. A third got a featured spot on an A-list blog. One student saw a 200% return in just a few weeks!

Real lessons. Real support. And lessons you can apply to your business immediately – in real time.

That’s the power of better writing skills: More clients. More sales. More confidence. More opportunities. And of course, more income. This course is an investment in you – now, and for years to come.

I believe your future is worth it. Don’t you?

How to Get In

I don’t want a million students – I want the right students.

I want to work with people who understand the value of writing an ebook for their business, people who are engaged and willing to learn. So if you feel that improving your ebook-writing skills isn’t that important, that you can wing it, that your business is coasting along just fine as it is… then Damn Fine Ebooks isn’t for you.

But if you want the writing skills and the confidence that lets you create compelling, engaging ebooks easily, that allows you better reach with your target market, that helps increase your credibility, pulls in new clients, boosts your sales and brings you better success than you have now…

You’re in the right place.


The flagship Damn Fine Words writing course is a prerequisite for this ebook-writing course.

Click here for more information and DFW registration dates.