About DFW

Damn Fine Words isn’t just an online writing course; it’s a legacy. You know… that ONE thing you really want to do, the ONE thing you really care about, the ONE thing you create that makes a difference in the world.

Damn Fine Words is one of the best online writing courses you’ll ever see. It’s for small business owners, large business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, corporate staff, bloggers, in-house writers… in short, this writing course is for people like you who want to learn better, more effective writing skills so your business can generate tangible, bottom-line results.

It took a full year to create the flagship DFW course, and that year included putting a great deal of thought into each lesson: what you should learn, what would be practically and immediately useful to your goals, and what the course should help you achieve. The course is continually improving and expanding, with new modules and post-graduate courses in constant creation. Consider it a writing university in the making.

About James, Your Instructor

james_0525_42James Chartrand is the founder, creator and course instructor of Damn Fine Words, as well as founder and owner of Men with Pens, a world-class website design and copywriting company.

It’s no small wonder James is so respected in the business world – she rose through the ranks to become a leading copywriter, problogger, business expert, published author, and renowned entrepreneur with a solid reputation for dedication, loyalty, and respect for those who ask of her help. She’s built not just one but two world-recognized businesses from absolute scratch, has a major blog with 40,000+ readers and offers several writing courses that teach business owners valuable lifetime skills.

Her many accomplishments have been extolled the world over – you can find some of these accolades in Forbes, Intuit, Newsweek, the New York Times, MarketingProfs and the Huffington Post. You can also find James in person across the entire web; she gives frequent interviews and writes regularly for well-known major sites like Copyblogger.com.

Trivia facts:

If you want to get into James’ good favor, she’s partial to strong coffee and fine Shiraz – not at the same time, of course. She loves the color blue, ice skating, and Nike sneakers in vivid colors. She has a significant other who cooks a mean steak, loves ice-skating as much as she does, and helps her raise her two wonderful daughters, without whom this amazing adventure would never have begun.

About Ainslie, Your Support Staff

Ainslie Hunter
Ainslie Hunter is an online education specialist (with a Masters degree, in fact) who provides ongoing consultation and teaching support to Damn Fine Words. Her skills and knowledge make sure this entire course (and every subsequent course that follows) provides university-level education and training in the best learning environment possible.

Every lesson, handout, assignment and task has been meticulously examined, organized and structured by Ainslie’s razor-sharp eyes so that the material is easy to understand and delivers valuable, immediately applicable knowledge. Students often say she’s left no stone unturned and has considered every element possible to make sure the student experience delivers on every account. Join the course; see the results for yourself.

Ainslie’s career philosophy revolves around 3 keys to successful mastery of knowledge: interaction, support, and caring about helping people learn. In fact, this philosophy is the core of Damn Fine Words and is woven into every part of all its courses.

Trivia facts:

Ainslie loves Irish castles, traveling the world and drinking Coca Cola (leaded, not diet). She has a lovely husband willing to trade off parenting a spirited daughter for cooking delicious meals, she grins wickedly in the face of challenge, and – much to James’ dismay – hates red wine and fears ice-skating with a passion.