The rumours are true:

The Damn Fine Words writing course is now open to new students.

You know that writing great content is crucial to your business success, especially in today’s online world.

Search engines need it to present your website to people searching for what you sell. Potential clients need it to learn about your business and get excited about what you offer. Readers, followers and fans need it to stay engaged and recommend you to everyone they know.

It’s safe to say that without good content, your business won’t go far.

In fact, it’s likely you’ll fail.

That isn’t news – all the pros tell you this. They tell you to write compelling website copy to pull in new customers. Write engaging blog posts that resonate with readers. Write newsletters to promote your products and services, write ebooks to convey your expertise, and write persuasive sales pages to create conversion and boost your income.

They tell you to write, write, write.

No one tells you how.

How do you write blog posts that engage readers to encourage comments, sales and sharing on social media?

How do you write a catchy headline that gets your work read, or a great call to action that hooks customers in?

How do you write website copy that’s more compelling and effective for your business?

For years, people came to me with these questions. I’m a successful professional writer who owns and operates the world-class website design and copywriting company Men with Pens, known for its Top Ten blog with a readership of over 40,000. My clients ranging from start-ups to large corporations, my work has featured on major websites and A-list blogs, and I’ve been regularly interviewed in mainstream media.

I know writing. I love getting words to work. I love making bad writing better. I love reworking weak copy until it sizzles.

I see a lot of writing that needs help, like $20,000 websites filled with weak copy that damages credibility and hurt sales. I see bloggers struggling with articles that don’t attract anyone’s attention, let alone a single comment. I see good businesses with “meh” newsletters that just fall flat.

This bothers me. I know it doesn’t have to be that way. Your content – your writing, your words – can bring you better results, and I’m ready to help you achieve that goal.

Welcome to Damn Fine Words

Writing isn’t easy, especially if you’re a business owner and not a writer by trade. That’s why I specifically designed Damn Fine Words for people like you – people who need to write effective content that generates tangible, bottom-line business results.

This course teaches you how to become a better, faster, more confident writer who can create effective content that gets results. A cross between a writing course and business course, Damn Fine Words gives you access to writing strategies, techniques and tactics that include:

  • How to generate articles and blog posts that bring faster results, with far less stress
  • How to write compelling website copy that draws your ideal customers closer
  • How to draft, edit and create content quickly – no more staring at the blank page
  • How to craft an effective message that engages your target audience properly
  • How to build confidence so that writing becomes a pleasure – even fun. Really.

And that’s just the beginning. Click here for the writing course syllabus, including each module and a summary description of each lesson.

Damn Fine Words can transform your writing – and your business, no matter what type of business you have.

It could even change your life.

Don’t take it from me – click here to read what past students say. I’m a big believer in teaching practical knowledge and skills that actually work. You’ll be able to apply them to all sorts of areas of your business, and you can use this course to:

  • Overhaul your website copy so that it brings in more sales
  • Write an ebook that boosts your credibility immediately
  • Build an engaging blog that keeps readers coming back for more
  • Promote your business with smart content-marketing strategies
  • Draft newsletters that keep your list looking forward to your next update

You’ll even be able to use your new writing skills in day-to-day emails with your clients. The writing techniques can be adapted to any type of content you need to write, any time you please.

What You Get in the Course

Damn Fine Words is an online writing course you can access anywhere in the world, any time of day or night.

The course spans 10 weeks, covers 6 modules and gives you access to 20 specific lessons that teach you writing techniques in a logical, progressive order. (Check out a summary of each lesson here.)

Each lesson includes:

  1. A clear introduction to each writing technique and WHY it’s important to you and your business
  2. Step-by-step, easy-to-understand instructions for every technique so you can apply each one right away
  3. A relevant writing assignment that provides you with valuable hands-on practice for what you just learned
  4. Fun writing activities that let you get immediate feedback from your peers – and from me
  5. Extra exercises to help you master your new writing skills quickly and make them second nature
  6. Specific ‘Use it Now’ tactics so you see tangible results in your business

Lessons are delivered twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays) for the 10-week duration of the course, and each lesson builds on the last in a step-by-step writing process. You’ll see immediate improvement in your writing skills AND in your business results.

Not after the course – after each lesson.

You’ll also gain instant members-only access to a special forum, where you can interact with your fellow peers and me – let me tell you more about that.

Get Access to Personal Mentoring

This isn’t a course where you’re left to learn on your own. I’m right there with you –not metaphorically. Literally.

I don’t have assistants or staff. I don’t get other people to answer on my behalf – I work with students directly in the members-only area of the course, and I’m present almost every single to offer my mentorship and personal feedback on your work.

I’ll tell you when you’re doing well, where you could improve, and how to make those improvements. I’ll cheer for you, answer all your questions, provide you with support, share my thoughts, encourage you along, and give you specific advice on lessons and techniques.

I’ll be there for you, for the full 10 weeks. It’s like having your own personal writing coach – only better.

In past courses, the first few lessons brought one student 3 new clients. Another landed a $2,000 project. A third was featured on an A-list blog. One student saw a 200% return in just a few weeks. Several students wrote and published valuable business books.

That’s the power of better writing skills: More clients. More sales. More confidence. More opportunities. And of course, more income.

This course is an investment in you – now, and for years to come.

Is This Course for You?

I don’t want a million students – I want the right students.

So if you feel that writing well isn’t that important, that you can just wing it, and that you’re coasting along just fine as it is… then Damn Fine Words isn’t for you.

I want to work with people who understand the value of writing to their business, people who are engaged, committed and willing to learn.

If you want to become a better, faster, more confident writer, if you want to learn how to engage your readers, pull in new clients, boost sales and achieve better success…

Then Damn Fine Words is for you.

Writing is a learned skill that anyone can acquire, and no other skill can do so much to open doors of opportunity. No other skill lets you so easily promote your business, improve your credibility, or solidify your customers’ loyalty.

Just imagine: what would you do. if you had better writing skills?